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Evermore Galleries Chattanooga, TN’s first premier custom tattoo, piercing and art studio have been a big part of the tattoo scene in the southeast since opening their doors in 2004. The studio offers a long list of services and a full roster of award winning artist that have traveled all over the globe to better their art. Artists such as Shane Hartline, B.A., Alex Faulkner and a whole slew of guest artists make sure you are treated like a person not a dollar sign. “Our goal is to provide a great tattoo without attitude and make it an enjoyable experience.”

  • Custom tattooing
  • Designer artwork
  • Tons of flash designs
  • Custom piercing
  • Small and large gauge piercing
  • Stretching
  • Male & female genital piercing
  • Single jeweled surface piercing
  • Jewelry insertion and removal
  • Jewelry adjustments
  • Aftercare consults

Our Team


Shane Hartline
Shane started out skate boarding at the age of 11. He became sponsored by Gouge Clothing, Tracker Trucks, Skull Skates, and Exile Skate Boards. Skate boarding quickly led him to the local music scene. Being brought up by a family of musicians, Shane picked up the guitar at 14 years old.
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Tattooing since '96 as a profession. Apprenticed with Jeff Duke who worked under Jerry Riegger. He worked at Devotion Tattoo, Big Bad Tattoo, Body Art Inks and settled in at Evermore Galleries in 2006. Music and art has always been the basis of life along with with being a complete gearhead.
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LaLa began body piercing in 2000 at the same time she began modeling. She moved to Oceanside, CA to further her piercing and modeling career. While there she met shop owners Greg and Shella Griffin of Body Graphix in Temecula, and began working for them.
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Alex Faulkner
Alex Faulkner
Traditional American Style Tattoos
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The most talented artists create the highest quality art.

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