Tattooing since ’96 as a profession. Apprenticed with Jeff Duke who worked under Jerry Riegger. He worked at Devotion Tattoo, Big Bad Tattoo, Body Art Inks and settled in at Evermore Galleries in 2006. Music and art has always been the basis of life along with with being a complete gearhead. Amazed as a child with the traditional tattoos that people had and was lured to the art when it was still taboo and not in the mainstream.

Tattooing was different when he began and has grown and improved in the past decade. Considered an old timer and works more in the old school traditional hard outline style. Along with American Traditional, Japanese and some Neo Trad styled artwork. He is grateful for the improvements in the tattoo world, but misses the old school world of tattooing because it seemed to mean more then instead of the cookie cutter pieces that are so popular today. Originally inspired by Jerry Collins, Jack Rudy, Filip Leu, Shotsie Gorman, Paul Rodgers Ed Hardy and many newer artist as well.

Being a musician and artist eventually led to tattooing and working on a building tattoo machines. As a machine builder he has built and tuned machines for Bob Tyrrell, Marshall Bennett and many of his tattooer friends.


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