LaLa began body piercing in 2000 at the same time she began modeling. She moved to Oceanside, CA to further her piercing and modeling career. While there she met shop owners Greg and Shella Griffin of Body Graphix in Temecula, and began working for them. This shop move would change her view of the tattoo community; realizing it was not a job but a life long career. The owners aspired to create great art, make customers happy, and keep a content crew of workers. These qualities would later become LaLa’s driving force to open Evermore Galleries. After a couple of years in Cali and a few life lessons, LaLa returned to Chattanooga, TN to join forces with Shane Hartline and open their dream shop.

Since the opening of the shop LaLa has been featured in dozens of magazines such as Tattoo, Flash, Tattoo Society, Prick, ect. featuring her tattoos and accomplishments in the tattoo industry. She enjoys piercings with a challenge that enhance the body. Specializing in custom piercings, surface to surface, and dermal anchors gives the client a whole new perspective of body adornment. Check out the Gallery page for example of varies piercing and magazine coverage.


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