Shane Hartline started out skate boarding at the age of 11. He became sponsored by Gouge Clothing, Tracker Trucks, Skull Skates, and Exile Skate Boards. Skate boarding quickly led him to the local music scene. Being brought up by a family of musicians, Shane picked up the guitar at 14 years old. He soon began playing in many local rock bands in the Chattanooga area. Afters years of sketching and doodling with the influence of the skate boarding and music scene Shane became a self taught tattoo artist. In 2000 he began a professional career in the tattoo industry.

Shane enjoys a variety of different styles of tattooing from color to black and gray, asian to realism. He is currently leaning more towards the realistic horror and creepy black and gray, but does not want to be bound to just one style. Some of the biggest influences to his tattooing are Jimmy Litwalk, Russ Abbott, Bob Tyrrell, Tony Olivas and too many others to mention.

In 2004 his career took a new turn with the opening of Evermore Galleries. This allowed him the opportunity to focus and expand his custom art. This also opened the door to worldwide travel and more exposure in the convention circuit. He has been featured in numerous magazines such as Tattoo, Flash, Prick, Rebel Rods, Tattoo Society and many more. Check these out on the Published section of the Gallery page.

Shane Hartline

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