Skip Cisto has devoted much of his life to the love of art. Being raised in an Italian family with all its traditions was a huge influence toward music, dance, and art. Skip began dancing in ballet as a child and later picked up classical guitar, soon after his talent transformed into a love for the blues. With so much influence from the performing arts it was only natural that art through painting and illustration was soon to follow.

Skip began body painting and air brushing on skin at festivals. In 1999 he met a tattoo shop owner who offered a chance to turn painted body art into permanent tattoos. Skip held a very traditional tattoo apprenticeship where everything was taught the old school way.

In 2007 Skip found his place in the Evermore family. He enjoys all styles of art, but has a deep love for the Art Nouveu styles of the early 1900’s and artists like Alphonse Mucha. Some of his tattoo artist influences include Jose Lopez, Tom Renshaw, Jack Rudy, Bob Tyrell, Filip Leut, Don McDonald. Skip loves to tattoo realism portraits and working in Neo-Traditional.

 Skip Cisto

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